Bleeding Edge Webdev Digest #1 November 2020

4 years ago
There is a lot of existing web dev newsletters that you might be already using to get your news. This one is a very opinionated collection of finds that I personally find interesting.

Fullstack – A pure Python ecosystem to build data frontends for your research. Similar to: Jupyter Notebooks.

CSS – CSS tooling to bind fonts into predictable sizing or something like that. – Microscopic CSS polyfill.

Javascript – Bleeding-edge Javascript anti-bundler, definitely hyped enough to try. – Fullstack React framework. A Next.js competitor, I guess? – Async coordination for Javascript and Typescript. – Open database toolkit for Node.js and Typescript. – Sapper, a Svelte development framework, turns out to be a bit dead.

Backend – .NET transactional document DB and event store built on on PostgreSQL.