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10 April 2022 Update: I'm writing a short post on why donating money matters to both the helper and the people receiving help, and how to do safe and impactful donations. Stay tuned for an update on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter!
10 October 2023 Update: I've consolidated all reporting on ongoing and completed projects to this Telegram channel:

2023-10-18 Update:

Hey friends, over these couple months I'm doing targeted fundraising for an evacuation bus for the defense of the Kharkiv city.

Cars, trucks and buses are crucial in the war effort. They literally save lives, extracting casualties, providing mobility to air defense.

Unfortunately, they constantly get shelled, wear down and break down. The sheer amount of the effort to stop the Russian onslaught and the number of people mobilized means there is always shortage of vehicles provided both by the military itself and by the volunteers.

Procurement and delivery of the bus are done via the Tazyky non-profit, a grassroots group of volunteers, drivers, coordinators and mechanics. With the help of our numerous friends in the UK and throughout Europe, Tazyky already managed to deliver 300+ vehicles for the Ukrainian defenders.

There are several ways to donate:

  1. Via paypal:

  2. Via Google Pay/Monobank (2% bank fee):

  3. Via Wise/IBAN:

USD (Domestic transfer):
Account holder: Oleksandr Bausk
ACH and Wire routing number: 026073150
Account number: 822000690117
Account type: Checking
Wise's address: 30 W. 26th Street, Sixth Floor
New York NY 10010
United States

Account holder: Oleksandr Bausk
IBAN: BE80 9676 7747 8577
Wise's address: Rue du TrĂ´ne 100, 3rd floor

I publish reports and expense reports on all donations. All updates, spending reports, vehicle handover videos/photos are posted to my Telegram channel: The Cannon Have Eyes. Please donate and ask any questions/give feedback to

Original post from 2022:

Hi, I'm Alex. I am an engineer in Ukraine. If you're here, chances are that we've met!

Since the start of the Russian invasion, I've been involved in various efforts to help our Army and civilians. That involvement has been a bit chaotic: I plugged immediate urgent needs with whatever money I could earn or borrow, I delivered medical supplies and food to besieged Kyiv, I jumped at random small opportunities to help seniors and parents with children fleeing the war. This work was rewarding but suboptimal.

By advice from seasoned volunteers, I've started focusing on something I know and can provide expertise with: equipment and tooling for military communications. I'm cooperating with friends, volunteers, and our brave defenders on the frontlines to identify urgent needs quickly, raise money to make the shipments happen, and provide technical expertise to amplify the practical power of your donations.

*Update*: For now, I'm financing my EW research on my own since it's, well, research and therefore not conductive to good reporting. Please see links above for targeted donation request with a set goal and clear reporting.

This is how it started two weeks ago, with meager T82 Motorolas and a cheap SDR scanner

Stay tuned for updates on social networks! I often publish donation lists and progress on shipments.