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Full-stack tech lead with diverse previous experience who believes in balancing practicality with cutting-edge tech, and that communication and sharing expertise are key to productivity.

Personal Details

Skype: alexbausk
Web:, Stackoverflow

Experience Summary

Versatile, results-driven, innovative and practical software engineer with over 5 years of diverse experience in startups with international teams, willing to take ownership and get involved in bettering the business value of products I work on. My method is careful analysis of the business needs, practical approach to quality, and love for cooperation within the team.

I have passion for solving complex tasks and love working with bleeding-edge tech while balancing practicality and innovation. I believe in putting people first, comfortable communicating with both engineers and business stakeholders. Try to lead by example in sharing knowledge, and happy to learn from my peers. Good analytical skills and ability to learn fast, identify problems early, and work under pressure when needed.



Profound experience with diverse web development stacks. Advanced Python (asyncio/aiohttp, Flask, GraphQL/Graphene, Django, DRF); Node.js (Express.js, Sequelize), APIs and analytics (Instagram, Twitter/Firehose, Facebook, Auth0, Binance, Segment, Chartio), testing (pytest, pydoubles), scraping (Selenium, bs4), Redis, RabbitMQ.


JavaScript/ES6, React, Redux/Saga, Next.js, MobX, SSR, GraphQL/Apollo, basic Svelte.js, testing (Jest, Cypress), Babel, Webpack, SASS/CSS, AngularJS, Charts.js, d3.js, various analytics and API integrations.


Good grasp of the relational model and data-conscious design. PostgreSQL, ElasticSearch, TimescaleDB, basic DynamoDB, Redshift, Bigquery, ODBC.
DevOps: Docker, AWS (S3, EC2 Lambda, Elastic Beanstalk, RDS, Cloudwatch), GCP, Dokku; Git, Mercurial; Linux VMs (systemd/upstart), bash, basic Kafka, basic Kubernetes.

Data Science

Experience with ETL and deploying Tensorflow models to production. Basic Scikit/Sklearn, basic PyTorch & Tensorflow, Pandas, Jupyter Notebook, Matlab, Excel.Tooling: Windows&MacOS, Jira, Team Foundation Server, Trello, Redmine, PyCharm, VS Code.

Professional Record

2016 ⇒ Now: Fullstack Tech Lead at Webinerds Inc., Dnipro

While with Webinerds, I had joined many startup teams to help lead their products to success in sectors like health, adtech, e-commerce, data management and privacy. I nurtured web projects from conception to production, ranging in size and complexity from singular microservices to mature systems with complex analytics and data pipelines, both as an individual contributor and as a tech lead in teams of up to 15 engineers. Selected long-term projects are listed below.

2019 ⇒ 2020: Zentist (San Francisco/remote). A data-intensive system for dentist offices, featuring data pipelining, analytics, and integrations with sensitive client data stores; joined as a senior full stack engineer at an early phase. Tasked with taking ownership of a critical ETL subsystem and analysis of data models, I delivered implementations of user stories to enable onboarding of new clients early and with minimal issues. Designed and implemented a business-facing quality analytics feature, optimized DB operations to cut critical processing times, and became a key expert on integration issues with 3rd parties, helping the dev team to grow from 4 to 12+ persons and the business to sustainably increase the client count.

Tools: Python (Flask, asyncio, pyInstaller, redis-queue), Segment, Chartio, Sentry, Redshift, Javascript/TypeScript, React, GraphQL, MySQL, ODBC, CSS/Styled Components, AWS.

2018 ⇒ 2019: Snapbook (Ukraine/Kuwait). As frontend tech lead, I took over the development of a visually rich web SPA for customized printed items, with a task to bring its new version to production using mobile apps as reference. Challenges included balancing practicality with bleeding-edge tooling, bringing engineers on board quickly, producing UI prototypes to drive decisions, and dealing with harder-than-normal localization issues. I engineered components reusability, spearheaded adoption of react-saga, and produced the bulk of the codebase.

Tools: JavaScript, React, Webpack, Lodash, redux/thunk/saga, polyfills, CSS/SASS/CSS Modules, Postman, some C#/.NET, integrations (Paypal and other payments, Hotjar, Google Analytics).

2017 ⇒ 2018: Netra Inc. (Boston/remote). Joined this fast-paced ad-tech startup as a senior full stack engineer to bring multiple MVPs from conception to maturity. This required diving straight into various new technologies under tight deadlines. As part of a team of 2-5 developers, built a data-rich dashboard SPA using complex charting; designed and built several high-throughput image/data processing applications (20M tasks per day throughput); came up with an async-based solution to unblock stalled development of an API struggling with load issues; broke up a legacy monolith to independent microservices. The resulting advancement of the company’s engineering expertise eventually allowed it to enter its next investing round.

Tools: Python (Flask, Django, DRF, asyncio/aiohttp); Node.js/Express/Sequelize, PostgreSQL, JavaScript (ES6, AngularJS), Elasticsearch, BigQuery, Docker, AWS (CodePipeline, CodeDeploy, Elastic Beanstalk, Lambda, CloudWatch, basic EKS), basic Kafka & Kubernetes.

2016: Automation Consultant at Nuclear Structures Laboratory (Dnipro, Ukraine)

Duties: Development of an in-house web-based data processing product for the energy sector.

Highlights: Designed and authored a visual workflow app for ETL data processing, calculations and algorithm sharing. Used Python, Javascript, BackboneJS, JointJS, some C# and ZeroMQ.

2015: Combat Communications Operator at the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

2014 – 2015: Product Owner/Analyst at ASCON in development of a novel 3D modeling tool. Brought the product to a successful first release by delivering product vision and UX, feature analysis and algorithm prototyping. Used Python, basic C#/WPF/graphics for UI.


2019: Andrew Ng’s ML Course; IBM Machine Learning Specialization.

2004-2008: MSc Structural Engineering, Ph.Cand. (Reliability for Nuclear Structures) at PSACEA, Dnipro.